Rail Forum East Midlands: Innovation Themed Workshops at RVE 2017


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10.00 – 10.45

Developing a Rail Innovation Centre That Works for the Rail Supply Chain: Opportunity to Have Your Say (led by University of Derby)

 The University of Derby has secured in principle funding to develop a Rail Innovation Centre. Following initial consultation with industry representatives a number of ideas and proposals have emerged and this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to express your views on priorities for the proposed Centre as well as understand how you could get involved.


11.00 – 11.30

Oiling the Midlands Engine: Maximising Your R&D Tax Claim – Hints and Tips plus Accessing the Right Grants for Product Development (led by TBAT)

Let TBAT guide you through the key aspects of the UK R&D Tax scheme for both large organisations and SMEs, providing hints and tips to help you maximise your claim. The workshop will also discuss the UK’s highly competitive grant funding scene, forthcoming grants, how you can increase your chances of securing them and, equally as important, what not to do. With £450m in UK grant funding available for SME’s, this session is a “must attend” for anybody looking to fund a new and exciting project.


11.45 – 12.30

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality to Improve Maintenance and Reduce Costs :

Experience the latest developments in VR and AR that will make a real difference to the bottom line of your business (led by Pauley Group)

 The Digital Railway is coming revolutionizing the skills needed across the industry. Our workshop and presentations aim to help you identify where you and your company are on the digital journey and inspire at least one deliverable action. We will be showcasing inspirational examples of AR, VR and immersive technologies that will reduce costs, improve maintenance and engineering interaction and streamline assurance / acceptance processes.


13.00 – 13.45

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Ideas! (led by Swindell & Pearson)

Got an idea for a new service? Developed a new product?  How can you protect your innovations to deliver you maximum commercial benefit? Following a whistlestop introduction to the world of intellectual property, participants will work together in groups to consider a set of hypothetical scenarios followed by identifying key action points relevant to their own organization.



Catalysing Growth Through Research for Transport Equipment Manufacturing (led by University of Derby and iNet)

Are you an engineering or advanced manufacturing business looking to design new or optimise existing products, processes or services? Are you interested in engineering simulation, product design, vehicle dynamics, additive manufacturing or applications of digital technologies? This workshop will provide an overview of our ERDF project, a partnership between the University of Derby and the iNet @ Loughborough University, offering fully funded technical support, grants for innovation projects and R&D collaboration for SMEs based in the D2N2 area, including VR and 3D demonstration.