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Carriage Planning Software to Debut at RVE

Layout planning software that has been likened to an Ikea kitchen design programme is set to be unveiled at Modern Railways RVE.

The software, the result of a long-standing collaboration between Austria’s TU-Vienna University and Netwiss, allows the user to draft rail interiors in much the same way as a kitchen planner lays out a theoretical home in-store. It produces information on passenger change over time, luggage accommodation and the achievable occupancy rate in vehicles.

The TU-Vienna has been researching vehicle interiors for almost 20 years. Its focus is on optimising passenger flow for short dwell times and achieving a high degree of capacity utilisation, the aim being to achieve an optimum balance between the requirements of train operators and passengers.

If you’d like to exhibit alongside them at the October 3rd event either complete the enquiry form here or email James Farrell at  james.farrell@keypublishing.com.

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