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HARTING Ltd have chosen Modern Railways RVE as the shop window for the bespoke cable assemblies, including intercar jumpers that they manufacture at their custom-built facility in Northampton.

Energy efficiency and weight reduction are key issues facing the rail construction sector and as a result, the company has developed the Han-Eco® B, a new series of hoods and housings manufactured from high-performance, glass fibre-reinforced, polyamide plastic. They offer weight savings of up to 50 per cent per connector compared to traditional metal designs.

The Han-Eco® range complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2 HL3 and is fire-resistant according to UL94 V0. Furthermore, the Eco B is compatible with standard metal Han® B housings, meaning both variants are intermateable.

And as space for fitting components becomes increasingly scarce in rail vehicles, the company has also looked at the issue of assembly solutions and their M12 PushPull range offers handling, time and reliability benefits for the user.

The M12 PushPull uses an intuitive, tool-free connection technique that simplifies difficult fittings and saves space.

If you’d like to join them exhibiting at the rail vehicle enhancement sector’s most focused show, complete the enquiry form here or give James Farrell a call on 01780 755131.