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Powelectrics to unveil Metron4 at RVE

Visitors to the Powelectrics stand at Modern Railways RVE will be able to see their latest remote monitoring device, designed to be easily retrofitted to trains and infrastructure and which enables connectivity to be added to existing sensors and other devices, so that data can be viewed remotely.

Metron4 is an evolution of Powelectric’s award-winning Metron2 M2M hardware. It is compatible with thousands of sensor types, to communicate data on temperature, levels, vibration, pressure, flow, CO2, humidity and more into the cloud.

Metron4 offers increased flexibility and can operate across 2G, 4G (CatM1 and NB1) channels. 4G allows usage in regions where the 2G network is no longer available and this IoT device also supports the rapidly-expanding NBIoT  (Narrowband Internet of Things) communication methods, offering maximum flexibility.

This ground- breaking device can be easily customised to specific applications eg) Measuring the time interval between two events, such as how long it takes a door to close or interfacing serially (RS232/485/CAN) & with standard interfaces such as MODBUS.

If you’d like to join Powelectrics exhibiting at the most focused event in the rolling stock calendar, drop an email to James Farrell – james.farrell@keypublishing.com , give him a call on 01780 755131 or complete the enquiry form here