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RISAS For William Cook Rail

Modern Railways RVE exhibitor William Cook Rail  will be able to display a new seal of approval on their stand at the October 3rd event. They have just received certification from the Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS), which ensures key suppliers can become recognised as best-in-class at delivering the most challenging and high-risk products and services for rolling stock.

RISAS provides economies of scale for the rail industry by reducing duplication in the auditing and assessment of suppliers.

William Cook Rail designs, manufactures and overhauls safety-critical components and systems for rolling stock builders and operators all over the world. Customers include Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens and products are on trains in many countries, among them France, Germany, Canada, India, Australia and the United States.

The Company continues to invest in its £15m Leeds rail plant as part of a strategic investment programme to move into high-value markets. The facility specialises in the design, manufacture, overhaul and upgrade of bogies, running gear and coupler systems.

For RISAS, William Cook Rail underwent a challenging assessment by an accredited Railway Industry Supplier Approval Body (RISAB). The assessment involved on-site interviews and evaluations to get proof that could meet the standards expected.

Its new certification covers running gear, couplers, intercar connections and axleboxes.

A spokesman for the Rail Industry Supplier Approval Body, SGS, Barry Cullinane, said: “We would like to congratulate William Cook on achieving this important recognition.

A RISAS certificate is evidence that expert examiners have carried out an independent, robust, rigorous and transparent assessment on site. It demonstrates that suppliers of safety critical products have the appropriate systems, processes, competence, resources, facilities and procedures.”

The RISAS scheme is managed by the Rail Safety and Standards Board, which helps companies work together to develop a better, safer railway. Damon Snell, head of supplier assurance at RSSB, said: “With 20,000 passenger services running every weekday, and 75 million tonnes of freight lifted very year, the country relies on safe, high-performing infrastructure and rolling stock. This certificate means that buyers can have full confidence in William Cook when procuring relevant critical products and services in this field.”

Mr William Cook, group commercial director, said: “We are delighted to have achieved certification from the Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme.

“We continue to invest in our plants and people to deliver products and services to help create better, safer railway systems for passengers and freight customers across the world.”