RVE BigIdea

RVE BigIdea - Supplier Engagement at Modern Railways RVE 2021

Modern Railways and Rail Forum Midlands have launched an exciting new supplier engagement activity taking place at this year’s Modern Railways RVE show on 4 November in Derby.

RVE BigIdea offers suppliers the opportunity to pitch their recent and imminently commercially viable products and services, which can support the development of the industry across four key themes, to a range of potential customers.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN UNTIL 17.00 ON 24 SEPTEMBER! Head to https://www.midlandsrail.co.uk/rve-bigidea/ to apply and for further guidance.


BigIdea focuses on four key themes:

Applications are invited which carefully articulate their support to addressing up to two of these themes.


Suppliers are required to complete the online application form, which is now live on the Rail Forum Midlands website at https://www.midlandsrail.co.uk/rve-bigidea/. The form will close at 17.00 on 24 September.

Only one form per organisation. Duplicates will not be processed.

Forms can’t be saved and will need to be completed in one go.

To support your preparation, the questions can be downloaded here.

Forms will be processed by the Rail Forum, which will include a validation step and invoicing. See costs for more details about invoicing.

Validation will be conducted by a representative panel and will provide value-add step to ensure that offers are clear and meet the needs of the theme/s they are responding to.


We are delighted that 18 industry organisations have agreed to take part:

Key Dates


As a benefit of membership, Rail Forum Members can apply free of charge.

As a benefit of exhibiting, RVE Exhibitors can apply free of charge.

Suppliers who are not members and/or not exhibiting will be required to pay an administration fee of £150. This will be via online payment and is required prior to applications passed to the Customers.

The administration fee relates to the process and is not linked in any way to the allocation of appointments.  Appointments are selected by the customers and not the Rail Forum.

Applications which have not passed the validation step will not be invoiced.