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Fisa lands in the UK

The UK railway industry is leading the way in Europe in terms of the volume of investments and number of planned projects. The unique safety requirements of the UK in respect of crashworthiness and fire, has motivated FISA to carry out and successfully pass the testing process based on GM/RT2100 and GM/RT2130 standards on its already proven passenger seat series.

With the UK rail industry having many different customers, such as the TOC’s, Rosco’s, new build and refurbishment companies and of course the travelling passenger, led FISA to focus its attention in the UK with the opening of its own showroom in Derby, which is one of the historical hearts of Britain’s railway, this coupled with support from UK companies who are already established in the industry, gives FISA the advantage of local supply and after sale product service, which is considered paramount in this ever demanding market.

With an order book that is constantly growing, FISA is now the alternative passenger and driver seat supplier dedicated to the UK market.

FISA Fabbrica Italiana Sedili Autoferroviari Srl
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