For RVE Meet The Buyer (now relaunched for 2021 as RVE BigIdea

Buyers Xavier Renaudot and Peter Janiec, of TfL said this following the 2018 event:

“Busy schedule – no waiting around, the majority of the people we met were relevant to the work stream and we would like to take part again in the future.”

Following RVE 2018 Rory Lamont, Procurement Director of Hitachi said:

“It was an excellent investment of our time and the mechanics of the event were very well set up, so a big thank you from the Hitachi team.”

Tim Ward of Alstom said this following Modern Railways 2018:

“A very effective way of meeting people. You can almost do seven days work in one day. Excellent.”

Supplier and 2018 exhibitor Carl Wooley of Design and Analysis said:

“You don’t always get to meet the right people when you go to a stand or phone up; this process allows you to meet the right people and you know they are interested in you so it’s not like trying to flog a dead horse! I think it’s great.”

Following the 2018 Meet The Buyer event supplier David McGuinness of Sovereign Online said:

“Really brilliant – actually met the people we want to meet. Well matched. Marvelous.”



Of previous RVE events

Ivan Bannon

Business Development at Televic said the following on 16/10/2017

“A very informative show with an amazing location. The expo was very well supported by rail professionals and has something for everyone plus a great insight into the Rail sector from different perspectives.”


Rachel Steele

Marketing Manager at Chrysalis Rail said the following on 13/10/2017

“Fantastic set up at this year’s RVE with a great selection of visitors and other exhibitors. Very well managed event!”


Katie Hodges

Marketing Manager at York EMC said the following on 13/10/2017

“York EMC Services enjoyed Exhibiting and presenting at RVE 2017, an important event which is gaining more momentum each year and addresses some very specific needs in the market place. We look forward to meeting more of our current and future customers at RVE 2018.”


Roland Hill

Contracts Manager at CWE said the following on 13/10/2017

“A lovely new venue in 2017, with a good flow of people. A very beneficial show for us.”


Nicola McGuire

Bid & Marketing Co-ordinator at Ricardo Rail said the following on 13/10/2017

“Ricardo Rail have exhibited at RVE for three years now. Each year this event increases in size, interest and importance. I would not hesitate in recommending this event to anyone with an involvement in passenger rolling stock.”


Nicole Ireland

UK Sales Manager at GAI-Tronics said the following on 12/10/2017

“Thank you for organising another great show. GAI-Tronics met with key contacts – both existing and new. Great venue too. Look forward to next year’s event.”


Francesca Dematteis

Marketing Analyst at IMI Precision said the following on 12/10/2017

“A growing show to keep an eye on.”


Andy Rope

Sales Engineer at AJT Engineering said the following on 12/10/2017

“A well organised event with good footfall that was beneficial to establishing new contacts for our business.”


Chris Brown

Managing Director at CWE said the following on 12/10/2017

“RVE provided CWE Ltd with an opportunity to present its products and services to a high quality audience.”


Lucy Prior

Membership Development and International Trade Director at Rail Alliance said the following on 12/10/2017

“A great, sub-sector specific show that enables the rolling stock supply chain to meet under one roof.”



Said the following about Meet the Buyer, RVE 2017

“Perfectly organized meet the buyer event in Derby, it helps developing our supply chain in the UK, an starting point to work with new suppliers”


MTR Tech Sweden

Said the following about Meet the Buyer, RVE 2017

“A good way to establish a contact and understanding of new potential suppliers, that I could choose based on current interests.”



Said the following about Meet the Buyer, RVE 2017

“Alstom met 28 suppliers in one day with well-planned and managed meetings.  Reinforcing existing relationships and making new connections, this was a very effective way of doing business.”


Doru Olaru

General Manager at Brentto Industry said the following on 10/10/2016:

“Brentto Industry is based in Romania we make fabrications and machined components under IS0 9000 system. The quality is good and prices low but supplying to UK has been difficult. RVE helped us to exhibit products so people could see how good we are now we have orders from new UK clients. We will be at RVE 2017 for sure.”


Daniel Lane

Project Manager at ESG Rail said the following on 10/10/2016:

“An informative and varied event with quality representation from a wide range of railway sectors. Not to be missed!”


Harry Kaur

Sales Manager at GAI-Tronics said the following on 10/10/2016:

“Thanks for organizing the event we had a good day spoke to people we knew and met some new contacts was well worth it”


Kat Parkin

Sales Engineer at Westermo said the following on 26/10/2015:

“RVE 2015 – The best exhibition I have been to by far. I have worked in the rail industry for a long time and have attended many exhibitions, seminars and networking events but the RVE for me was absolutely brilliant. I had the opportunity to speak to some serious people on a professional level which has since opened some doors for me. Westermo will definitely be exhibiting again at the next one. Worth every penny.”


Maria Smith

Business Development Manager at Flotec Industrial Ltd said the following on 22/10/2015:

“Excellent show, and Derby is a great location. It was something different, and very well supported by rail professionals. I can see this show growing much bigger!”


Casper Gimbrere

Key Account Manager Rail at Altro said the following on 21/10/2015:

“A very good forum with high quality speakers providing a great insight into the rail sector from different perspectives. Very well organized, it was very engaging and informative and good opportunity to network!”


Dean Smith

From Jobson James Rail – The Rail Broker said the following on 21/10/2015:

“Rail Vehicle Enhancements 2015 was a great event with a combination of expert speakers and exhibitors providing the visitors with a focused event to explore and see the innovative products available. If you involved with rail vehicle enhancements I would recommend booking in for the 2016 event.”


John Kinghorn

Inventor at Wessex Round Table of Inventors said the following on 21/10/2015:

“A splendid show, with a wide variety of interesting exhibits explained by experts in their fields. Excellent speakers in the Forum session, giving useful insights not readily obtainable elsewhere. Good networking opportunities for exchange of ideas. Thoroughly recommended.”


Philip Marsh

Editor  at rail.co.uk said the following on 21/10/2015:

“A very good show so far as I was concerned. All three objectives met, see you next year.”


David Stannard

Technical Officer at Railway Performance Society said the following on 15/10/2015:

“Thank you very much for organising such an informative and useful event.”